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Poker Glossary: the Muck

The muck is the area of the table where players place their dead cards. Muck cards include all discarded or burned cards.

The muck in poker is not just a noun though. You can also muck cards, and most commonly players muck a losing hand. Players muck a losing hand at showdown if they decide not to show their beaten hand.

The muck in poker is a defensive move used to save embarrassment or to hide your personal poker strategy from other players. Mucking is good as a general rule, and those who donít muck are typically viewed as less experienced players.

Poker-on-Net offers an auto-muck function so that you can automatically muck a losing hand. Simply select the auto-muck check box in your poker options and whenever you lose a showdown on Poker-on-Net (which we hope is not often!) your cards will be mucked automatically.

Keep your strategy hidden with auto-muck!

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